User Guide


Sigil (Stash)

The main screen has all the information for the User to input Sigils.
Nightmare Sigils are available in World Tier 3 & 4

On the Main page Users can:

  • Select Seasons
  • User can add Sigils with Bonus Affixes
  • List Sigils per Dungeon
  • Analyze Sigils for Experience, Glyph leveling, Pushing, Group play

  • See below gallery for screenshots

    Other notable Features include:

    • Dungeon Sorting
      • Act (best mimics original Blizzard’s stash sort on sigils)
      • Alphabetically
      • Count (sigils per dungeon)
    • Filter Dungeons
      • Hide/Show Dungeons without Sigils
      • Hide/Show Low Tier (S-Tier or A-Tier)
    • Search

    Bulk Add

    Enter Sigil levels space-delimited

    Bulk Add can be found by clicking the double light blue checkmarks next to Seasons on the main screen

    Sigil (List)

    Complete List View, sorted by analyzed rating

    User's can delete Sup-optimal Sigils.
    Sub-optimal is a sigil below character level, plus any increased difficulty



    Users can search the dungeons listed by Tiers

    Users can change the Tier Type: Experience, Glyph, Pushing, Group

    Users can change the Season

    Season and Tier Type selections will persist across application



    Character data is retrieved from Diablo 4 via Overwolf upon login




    • Preserve Magic Find Sigils will preserve sigils with bonus while performing a Bulk Delete option
    • Increase Difficulty will increase the base level for analyzing the best sigil available
    • Rating Adjustments will increase the weight of the bonus find affix for rating a sigil


    • Automatic Best Sigil Consume will monitor when a character zones into the best sigil currently analyzed, and will automatically consume it
    • Bring Zigil to Front will bring application to front on auto-consume
    • Hide Empty will hide dungeons with no sigils on main Sigil page
    • Hide Low Tier will hide dungeons that are neither S-Tier nor A-Tier


    • About will show About information
    • User Guide will open Zigil's User Guide

    Reset Data

    • Dungeons will reset the current dungeon data
    • Sigils will delete all the sigil inputted data
    • Settings will reset the inputs on the Settings page